The products of SaaS that propose virtual machines for hosting are expensive and not flexible for small business and personal use. The Subutai Bazaar is a marketplace that allows anyone to instantly buy, share, or rent computer resources, as well as raise and operate a sharing economy for applications.

Add peers & manage

Airbnb of computing resources

Drag & drop templates

Build and deploy your own projects

And many many more

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Thanks to awesome team
  • Kyla Tynybekov
  • Manas Atabaev
  • Nurdin Osorov
  • Dilshat Aliev
  • Oleg Katkov
  • Larry Stoos
  • Mikhail Savochkin
  • Sydyk Ahmataliev
  • Slava Anishchuk
  • Askat Asanaliev
  • Ermek Abyshev
  • Nurkaly Isakov
  • Timur Zhamakeev
  • Erkin Zununbekov
  • Almaz Abdyldaev
  • Nazar Mambetov
  • Vyacheslav Kim
  • Ernist Bekboev
  • Beishen Nuriddin Uulu
  • Nataly Chernoivanova
  • Talas Zholdoshbekov
  • Timur Zununbekov
  • Dmitry Shihovtsev
  • Zubaidullo N Uulu
Jul 2015 — Nov 2016
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